Our Mission and Goals

To promote and impel the use and development of the polygraph technique within the Western Cape, embracing all internationally accredited professionals who want to share their experiences, to the benefit of society.

To encourage and develop co-operation amongst all internationally accredited forensic psycho-physiologists residing and / or predominantly practicing within the Western Cape, in the application and utilization of accepted polygraph techniques.

To develop the highest standards of proficiency in the polygraph profession by fostering and encouraging scientific training and research through advanced study and progressive techniques.

To promote and maintain the highest standards of ethics, integrity, honour and conduct in the polygraph profession.

To provide an opportunity and forum for the exchange of information regarding polygraph experiences, studies, research, and all other aspects of common interest.

To co-operate with worldwide and local polygraph associations and other professional organizations in matters of mutual interest and of benefit to the polygraph profession.

To remain dedicated to seeking and revealing the truth

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Important Information

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Voice Stress Analysis

Members of the Cape Association of Polygraph Examiners neither practice nor endorse Computerized Voice-Stress Analysis, Layered Voice-Stress Analysis and / or Voice-Stress Analysis by any other name.

How a Polygraph works

A Misconception about polygraph does exist among certain individuals, which needs to be addressed.
It is important to understand what a polygraph examination entails.

Who uses a Polygraph?

The potential application of the polygraph is endless. Virtually anyone can undergo a polygraph examination, in order to derive at the truth about any specific matter.

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