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Is your gut telling some is lying to you? Do you suspect an employee of lying to you? Would you like to know if a family member is speaking the truth? Then having them take a polygraph can get you closer to the truth. Contact Cape Polygraph Examiners today and we will connect you with a Leading Lie Detection Expert in Cape Town

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What types of Lie Detection services do we offer in

Infidelity Polygraphs or Relationship lie detector tests in Vaal Triangle

If your partner isn’t being completely honest with you and this is causing problems in your relationship, we could have the answer you’re looking for.

We offer a simple solution for couples that are struggling with betrayal and a lack of trust. To move on, ascertain whether your spouse is being truthful with you helping you to repair your connection.

Employee Polygraphs and pre-employment testing in Vaal Triangle

Any successful business understands the importance of having loyal staff. Nevertheless, it can occasionally be difficult to tell whether a staff member is trustworthy or not.

You can determine whether a worker is being honest with you or concealing something by having them take a lie detector exam. This is a great technique to guarantee that your company doesn’t hire any dishonest people. We also offer pre-employment testing for businesses.

Internal Theft and Fraud Case Lie Detection in Vaal Triangle

By utilising a polygraph test you can tell who the real perpetrator is if your house or place of business has been the victim of theft or fraudulent activity. This makes it easy to reclaim something that was stolen or determine who committed the fraudulently act.

Utilizing a lie detector test is the most efficient approach. This will provide you the opportunity to catch the real thief and put things to rest.

Proof of Innocence Polygraph Testing and Reporting in Vaal Triangle

We understand how challenging it can be to prove your innocence. Being falsely accused of something you haven’t done is mentally and physically draining. There are countless individuals who are wrongfully imprisoned for crimes they did not commit and are powerless to defend themselves.

If you have been accused of committing a crime you didn’t commit, we can help! We provide a precise and reliable test that will enable you to help prove your innocence.

Business Dispute Resolution Lie Detection in Vaal Triangle

Business disputes can become ugly if there is fraud or dishonesty on either side of the table. We are here to assist you in figuring out whether someone is lying about their conduct in an unbiased and reliable way.

Schedule a polygraph test immediately if a deal has gone sour and you want peace of mind or if you want to find out whether your business partner is telling the truth or lying.

Extortion and Blackmail Polygraph testing in Vaal Triangle

In these situations, polygraph tests can be utilised to verify the accuracy of statements. Using the polygraph, we can pinpoint the source of the issue.Whether you are an individual trying to prove your innocence or a business looking for information.Our network of executive security specialists works hard to keep you safe as you go about your daily activities. They are skilled at using proactive ways to recognise, assess, and eliminate potential threats before they become more serious. They use tact, composure, competence, and confidence to keep you safe rather than using force where ever possible.  

Polygraph testing for Child or Elderly Caregivers in Vaal Triangle

Are you wanting to hire a childcare expert and want to be sure you chose the best candidate? We conduct particular pre-employment examinations to help ensure your child’s safety. We know you can never be too careful when it comes to your child.

Frequently asked questions

During a polygraph exam, a subject has four to six sensors attached to them. In a polygraph, several (“poly”) impulses from the sensors are recorded on a single piece of paper or computer. The following variables are typically recorded:

  • Breath rate and depth
  • Heart rate
  • Blood pressure
  • And perspiration

Eye movement and pupil dilation will also be measured on some of the newer polygraph machines.

The examiner asks the subject three or four quick questions to get a baseline on them before the polygraph test even starts. Once a baseline has been established the examiner will start asking the test questions. Then, all of the subject’s indicators are recorded on a single piece of paper or recorded onto a computer.

While questioning the subject, the examiner will evaluate the outcome and adjust the questions as necessary. The test will end after the examiner has asked all the questions they believe are required to produce an accurate result.

The examiner will evaluate the indicators for any significant changes (such as a faster heart rate, higher blood pressure, and more sweat) that would normally suggest that the subject is lying after the test is complete.

There are many reasons to hire an examiner from our network but below we will just list a few:

  • All examiners conduct examinations in accordance with South African law and are registered with the ACFE SA.
  • Complete confidentiality – We keep all personnel-related information private.
  • Prompt response and speedy test scheduling.
  • Vetted examiners that have years of experience and are well trained
  • No travel required we come to you for testing
  • We only use high-quality equipment for the best results

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