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  • On and off-site testing
  • Examiners are Registered with the ACFE SA
  • Highest level of confidentiality

Is your gut telling some is lying to you? Do you suspect an employee of lying to you? Would you like to know if a family member is speaking the truth? Then having them take a polygraph can get you closer to the truth. Contact Cape Polygraph Examiners today and we will connect you with a Leading Lie Detection Expert in all major South African Cities

What is a Polygraph Test?

A polygraph or lie detector test analyses the physiological changes occurring in the body while the subject responds to questions in order to ascertain whether the subject is lying about a specific incident. The data about the subject’s physiological responses will be recorded by a skilled polygraph examiner. The charts are then analysed, and based on the analysis, a method of scientific scoring is utilised to ascertain whether the person is telling the truth. We provide lie detector test services for every imaginable situation.

What types of Polygraph services do we offer:

In most situations when you suspect criminal activity or a person hiding the truth, whether, for commercial or personal matters, a polygraph can be used. Here are just a few examples of the numerous situations when a polygraph examination can benefit our clients:

Infidelity Polygraphs or Relationship lie detector tests

Employee Lie Detector Testing and pre-employment testing

Business Internal Theft Polygraph testing

Proof of Innocence Polygraph Testing and Reporting

Business Dispute Resolution Polygraph testing

Pre-employment Polygraphs and Polygraph testing

Blackmail and Extortion situation Polygraph testing

Child Caregiver Polygraph testing

Fraud Case Polygraph testing

How do Lie Detection Tests Work?

A polygraph test, often known as a lie detector test, typically entails four procedures:

  • The candidate will be connected to the polygraph device. His or Her vitals including Breath rate and depth, heart rate, blood pressure and perspiration will be recorded for the duration of the test. (some newer polygraphs will also record eye movement and pupil dilation)
  • A pre-assessment is the first step that an examiner guides the subject through.
  • Once a baseline is established the examiner will start to answers yes or no question regarding the subject in question.
  • The results will then be analysed for any signs that point to the individual lying and a report will be issued to the person or company that requested the service.

Why Hire from the Cape Polygraph Examiners network of examiners?

Cape Polygraph Examiners has selected leading Polygraph examiners across South Africa.

Our strict selection process ensures that: 

  • All examiners are Registered with the ACFE SA and perform tests in compliance with South African law
  • All examinations are performed with strict confidentiality ensuring your private or business dealing are not exposed 
  • Prompt response and speedy test scheduling.
  • Vetted examiners that have years of experience and are well trained
  • All tests can be performed onsite making testing very convenient 
  • Our examiners only use the best equipment ensuring accurate results