Private Investigator Services

  • Privacy and discreetness guaranteed
  • Competitively priced with obligation-free quotes
  • Highly experienced PSiRA registered Investigators
  • Numerous investigation services available.

Are you in need of the services of a Private investigator? Are you suspecting someone of being dishonest?  We at Go Private Investigator have vetted many private investigation agencies and pride ourselves in connecting you with the best private investigation agencies depending on your requirements and where you are located.

  • All investigations are done discreetly and with the utmost confidentiality 
  • They are registered with the PSiRA and comply with all South African private investigation standards
  • Are competitively priced while not sacrificing on quality of service.
  • They are experts Investigator and can get to the truth regarding almost any subject.

Contact Go Private Investigator today and we will connect you with a leading Private Investigator in your area.

Services Go Private Investigator partners offer

Our vetted Private Investigation agencies offer the following services across South Africa:

  • Locating of missing persons and debtors: No matter if it is a family member, friend or debtor a Go Private Investigator partner can help you find them
  • Insurance Fraud Investigations: If you suspect the civil claim against you is fabricated or exaggerated talk to our partner they can help you.
  • Background Checks and Pre-employment checks: Whether you need a background check performed on a potential business partner, employee or a person about to become a family member we can check if they have any skeletons lurking in the cupboard
  • Counter surveillance and Bugg sweeping: If you feel you are being watched we can get rid of those pesky bugs and make sure you are not being watched.
  • Cheating Spouses and Infidelity investigations: If you are suspecting your partner of cheating we can get to the bottom of it.
  • Bodyguards and VIP protection: Have you been attacked or are you feeling unsafe our network of Body Guards can keep you and your family safe around the clock.
  • Corporate Investigations and  Fraud investigations: Suspecting a business partner or employee of foul play? Our partners can sniff out the truth.
  • Undercover investigations: Our partners are experts at Undercover operations no matter if it is for business or private reasons.
  • Surveillance: Do you need to know what someone is up to? Our partners have years of experience and will collect the evidence required and report back promptly.
  • Debt Collection Service: Is someone owing you money are they nowhere to be found when it’s time to collect? A Go Private Investigator partner can help you get back what you are owed. 

We have selected various agencies across South Africa depending on their track records and specialities.

Advantages of choosing a Go Private Investigator partner

Finding a competent private investigator can frequently be challenging. Go Private Investigator has chosen the top investigators from all across South Africa to join our network. This means that if you select a Go Private Investigator partner, you will receive these advantages.

  • All investigations are done discreetly and with the utmost confidentiality 
  • Provide an excellent service while being competitively priced
  • Detailed obligation-free quotes
  • Investigations are conducted in compliance with South African law
  • All our partners are registered with PSiRA.
  • Client Satisfaction is their number one priority
  • They can get to the truth no matter what the subject

How much does it cost to hire a Private Investigator?

The average cost of hiring a Private investigator can range from R500 – R10000 or even more depending on the service rendered the intricacy of the investigation and the time needed to complete the job.

Get your Quote today by contacting Go Private Investigator and we will connect you with a leading Private investigation agency in your area.