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Is your instinct telling you that someone is lying to you? Do you believe an employee is being deceptive? Would you like to verify the truthfulness of a family member’s claims? Having them take a polygraph can help you get closer to the truth.

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What is a Polygraph Test?

In order to determine if a person is lying about a particular incident, a polygraph or lie detector test examines the physiological changes taking place in the body while the subject is answering questions. A polygraph device will record the information on the subject’s physiological changes on a piece of paper or computer. These results are then analysed via a process of scientific scoring and evaluating and one can then determine the subject’s truthfulness by the results. 

What types of Polygraph services do we offer?

A polygraph can be used in the majority of cases where you suspect criminal behaviour or someone is lying, whether it’s for business or personal problems. Here are just a few instances where a polygraph test can be advantageous for our clients out of the many possible scenarios.

  • Infidelity Polygraphs or Relationship lie detector tests
  • Employee Lie Detector Testing and pre-employment testing
  • Internal Theft and Fraud Case Polygraph testing
  • Proof of Innocence Polygraph Testing and Reporting:
  • Business Dispute Resolution Polygraph testing
  • Pre-employment Polygraphs and Polygraph testing
  • Blackmail and Extortion situation Polygraph testing
  • Child Caregiver Polygraph testing

How do Lie Detection Tests Work?

Polygraph tests are often referred to as Lie Detection tests. The process of taking a polygraph test can be divided into 4 steps:

  1. The polygraph machine will be attached to the candidate. Throughout the test, his or her vital signs, including breathing rate and depth, heart rate, blood pressure, and perspiration, will be monitored. (Some more recent polygraphs will also record pupil dilation and eye movement.)
  2. An examiner leads the individual through some pre-assessment questions to establish a baseline.
  3. Once a baseline has been established the examiner will start to question the respondent about the subject in question.
  4. Once the examiner feels confident that they can determine if the person is lying he or she will end the test and evaluate the result and report the findings to you.

Why Hire from the Go Private Investigator network of examiners?

Because we have selected only the best examiners across South Africa so you don’t have to. Some of the advantages of working with a Go Private Investigator partner:

  • All examiners conduct examinations in accordance with South African law and are registered with the ACFE SA.
  • All examinations are conducted in absolute confidence to protect your personal information and business dealings.
  • Quick response time and test scheduling
  • Well-trained vetted examiners with years of experience 
  • Onsite testing for added convenience
  • Only the best equipment is used for the best results

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